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Success with Service
(Code: SWSV)

Master Trainer James Leong recommends:

After this course, you can understand and apply the principles of superb customer service. You learn to project an excellent service image and know what and how to say appropriately in over-the-counter as well as phone conversations with both internal and external customers.

Course outline for 1-day workshop

- Knowing your customers
- How to serve using the S.M.I.L.E. approach
- What are the secrets of superb service
- How to project a positive first impression
- How to use the telephone with grace
- How to work with complaints
- How to use the S.E.R.V.I.C.E. recovery approach to turn raging customers into raving fans
- How to use the 5Pís approach to keep customers coming back

Who must attend?

Frontline personnel who need to be more effectively when working with both internal and external customers via face-to-face or telephone encounters.

What can you expect of your learning environment?

- Realistic training scenarios
- Practice and feedback
- Highly interactive and supportive team learning
- Quick and observable progress in learning
- Personalised coaching