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Interpreting Annual Reports of SG Listed Companies
- Webcast Interviews with Mark Laudi:

DBS Group
Sembcorp Industries
Keppel Corporation
ST Engineering
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James Leong is a Directive Communication Psychology Certified Trainer
James Leong is a Directive Communication
Psychology Certified Trainer

James Leong Training Channel - Videos
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Positive net worth but still go bust? New!
Open Link (SBR)

3 Ways to Keep Calm Amid Looming Recession
Open Link (SBR)

What does it mean for Singapore that jobs are being moved back to the EU as it is cheaper?
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Words to Make You Sound Smarter
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5 tips for overcoming performance anxiety
Open File (PDF Format)

Investing for Yield
Open File (PDF Format)

Power of Visualisation
Open File (PDF Format)

Dymystifying Accrual Accounting
Open File (PDF Format)

Giving Technical Presentations
Open File (PDF Format)

Investment Ratios: ROI and Dividend Yield
Open File (PDF Format)

Demystifying Goodwill in Financial Statements
Open File (PDF Format)

Storytelling - Getting buy-in for your message
Open File (PDF Format)

Understanding Group Structure in Financial Statements
Open File (PDF Format)

Successful Sales Presentations
Open File (PDF Format)

Understanding Cash Flow Statements
Open File (PDF Format)

Managing Working Capital
Open File (jpg Format)

Presenting with Visual Aids
Open File (PDF Format)

Bigger Bucks from your Budget
Open File (PDF Format)

Presenting for Management Buy-in  
Open File (PDF Format)

Effective Cost Control Strategies
Open File (PDF Format)

Present with Humour
Open File (PDF Format)

Effective Credit Management for Profit and Cash Flow
Open File (PDF Format)

Dynamic Postures for Public Speaking
Open File (PDF Format)

Cost-Volume-Profit analysis for profitability management
Open File (PDF Format)

Making it Memorable with Metaphors
Open File (PDF Format)

Upsizing Financial Intelligence in a Financial Crisis
Open File (PDF Format)

Public Speaking - Romancing Your Audience
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Interpreting Annual Reports - SIAS Radio 93.8 Interview
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Author: James Leong.

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