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Financial Literacy

"Although this is a short session on a very technical subject, it has exceeded our expectations. James is able to explain difficult concepts in layman terms in a fun and interesting way."

Ms Irene Kee, Senior Training Manager, SingTel

Managing your money

"Your expertise and willingness to participate in our conference has provided our staff with a wonderful opportunity to further enhance their skills."

Ms Chua Seow Ying, Director/HR & Staff Development, Temasek Polytechnic

Going for Enterprise

"The workshop has been a very successful one. Our participants have gained many valuable insights and tips from your sharing."

Mr Fang Wei, Manager, Technopreneurship Incubation Centre

Success with Communication

"To drive home his point, he cited instances of "miscommunication" as a result of cultural nuances, which had the students in stitches. This group of students will certainly be more aware the next time they go for job interviews."

ITE East Network News

Success with Presentations

"You have livened up the evening with your humour and ice breaking activities that facilitated interaction amongst our new members. Your ideas and techniques on impromptu speaking skills were put across in a simple, succinct and interesting way."

Mr David Ang, Executive Director, Singapore Human Resources Institute

Laugh and learn more: How to add fun and humour to your training

"Thank you for the wonderful session yesterday. Our line trainers have all benefited from your talk. They say that you are really good and your choices of activities are so appropriate! I especially like the part where you share with everyone on how we can incorporate these activities in our training and their usefulness."

Angela Lim, Assistant Manager, Learning and Development Centre, UOB Group

Humourously Speaking

"Truly enjoyed your session. You are great. A very enlightening talk by a very inspirational trainer."

Irene Low, Corporate Trainer



Financial Skills for Non-finance Managers

"Enjoyed the delivery. Good balance between concept application and fun."

Ms Kelly McFadden, Manager, Human Resource, Becton Dickinson, Australia

"Extremely useful. It helps me understand the financials in the annual report better and rendering better advice."

Mr Low Sai Choy, VP (Legal), SIA

"It is a very well-designed workshop and it gives me a new perspective of financial statements that was presented clearly and concisely with no jargon!"

Ms Farhana Siddiqui, Director of ASG Law Corporation

"Our participants unanimously rate this as a highly effective programme. We strongly recommend James to any company who wants a quality financial programme for non-finance managers."

Ms Pearly Ong, Senior Training Manager, Human Resource/Learning, SingTel

"The workshop is interactive and participative. The contents were made simple. Finance and accounting is a very interesting subject, as delivered by James."

Parveen Katoch, Becton Dickinson, India

"I am very impressed by your ability to turn a relatively boring subject on Finance & Accounting to something very interesting for your participants."

Rita Boo, Group Human Resource Manager, Bayer (South East Asia)

Financial Statement Analysis for Non-finance Managers

"Thanks for giving such a wonderful course! The feedback is very positive!"

Angela Lim, Assistant Manager, Learning and Development Centre, UOB Group

Credit Risk Management for Sales and Marketing Managers

"Our associates are all impressed with the course and your presentation skills. It was a very good training for the Taiwan team."

Katherine Wang, Finance Manager, Becton Dickinson, Taiwan

Interpreting annual reports for stock selection

"Our members have found James' programme highly useful. Participants enjoyed his lively, interactive and humourous presentation of a normally difficult and dry subject."

Mr David Gerald J., President/CEO, Securities Investors Association (Singapore)

Detecting Creative Accounting in Annual Reports

"We can better identify tell-tale signs by scanning environmental clues, notes to the accounts and trend analysis of the financials. The knowledge gained provides another dimension when looking at financial statements for credit assessment."

Detecting Creative Accounting in Annual Reports, DBS Bank

"Excellent workshop conducted by superb facilitator."

BDO Binder

Strategic and Financial Management for Non-finance managers (Business Simulation)

"Most useful in giving us an overall view of running a company-capacity control, advertising spending, product launch and pricing."

Wee Boon Hooi, SingTel

"The simulation is a very engaging course which helps us get a broad picture in managing a company. It brought out the real-life aspects of running a business by allowing participants to make corporate decisions on a macro level such as managing production, dividend policy, capital structure and marketing strategies."

Business Simulation, DBS Bank

Money Management Course

"Learned about financial planning and how important it is for us to plan in order to achieve financial freedom; understand various investment instruments and how much will be needed to provide for retirement."

Singapore Human Resources Institute

Success with Presentations

"Many practical sessions to build up our confidence level and many useful tips. Very greatly recommended! If you attend this workshop, you speak with greater confidence!"

Ms Elise Ho, Metta Welfare Association

"Our teachers and student participants found your workshop very beneficial in coaching them from the fundamentals to the finer points of presentation. You have inspired our student leaders to excel and they are all very motivated about leading at the ITE Student Seminar."

Ms Iris Seet, Director/Business Studies & Services, ITE East

"Our staff found James highly effective in transferring his skills and knowledge. All in all, they have benefited and thoroughly enjoyed James' sharing and facilitation. They have overcome much of their fear in public speaking, and found it enriching to have acquired such a valuable life skill."

Ms Tio Phaik Hoon, Senior Manager, Human Resource, Leica Instruments (Singapore)

"James has a very interesting approach in bringing out the hidden talents in all of us. He is able to bring out the important points in a concise and light-hearted manner invoking confidence and active participation among the participants. We have a fun time learning."

Business Presentation Skills, DBS Bank

"A lot of presentation tips and the video feedback is good. This is hands-on seminar where we can practice and receive feedback, not only theories. The presenter is very nice and competent."

Novita Frederika, Honeywell

Success with Meetings

"James is a very good trainer. Very good rapport with participants. Encouraging and strong people skills."

High Performance Meetings, Civil Service College

Success with Emceeing

"Your participation made the morning the smashing success that it was. I was very impressed with your wonderful introduction of the Communication and Leadership award recipient, Mrs. Anson Chan, Chief Secretary for Administration of the Hong Kong SAR."

Mr Mark Brown, 1995 World Champion of Public Speaking

"All who attended the dinner enjoyed themselves, and comments from participants such as 'people were more participative this year' formed a testimony to his ability to rouse the audience into enthusiasm in participating in the games. James truly met our expectations of a good and entertaining Master-of-ceremonies."

Mrs Kiang-Loh Lai Lin, Chairperson, Programmes and Social Committee, Library Association of Singapore

Success with Difficult People

"It enhances my communication skills when dealing with difficult people. Enable me to build better rapport with my family and colleagues; James did that in a fun and entertaining way."

Handling Difficult People, Civil Service College

Success with Negotiations

"Helps me negotiate better; understand the different roles a negotiation team can have and how to balance a team to make the most of it"

Management Associate Programme, DBS Bank

Success with Teams

"James has consistently made a difference for us. We strongly recommend James and his team to any organisation who wants a quality teambuilding and communication programme."

Ms Sheryl Tan, Group Human Resources Manager / Ms Tan Peck Hoon, Group Regional Financial Controller, Teckwah Industrial Corporation

"This teambuilding programme has hit the mark for what we want to achieve today."

Colin Parfitt, President, FAMM, Chevron Texaco

"The programme has been a great success. Favourable comments from participants include: ‘Instilling the core values message in a fun and interesting way’ and ‘The programme is very useful in inculcating teamwork and the challenger spirit in us’."

Pearly Ong, Senior Training Manager, Human Resource/Learning, SingTel

Review of James' course: SAFRAN Management Development Programme from fintelligence on Vimeo.

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