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3 Ways Visions.One Maximises Your ROI

  1. We focus on your outcome
    In everything we do, we focus on the results you want, not just what we have to deliver. Hence, you are assured that our programmes will certainly meet your specific objectives.

  2. We focus on attitudes, skills and knowledge
    We structure learning activities to create attitudinal shifts and focus on both conceptual understanding as well as building practical skills. Having participants who internalise new learning quickly and can apply it at work ensures that training directly generates greater productivity.

  3. We focus on our learner
    Our track record in producing successful learners hinges on the 3 “I”s found in all our training programmes:

    • Involve:
      We believe that for learning to be effective, learners must first be motivated. So we always seek first to understand our participants’ needs and concerns. And we creatively involve and engage them throughout the learning process to meet their expectations.

    • Inquire:
      We adopt the Socratic method of learning. We respect that our learners are not empty vessels to be filled, but rather have come to us with knowledge and experience in their own field. Through a combination of facilitation, presentation, inquiry and practise, we bridge what they are familiar with to the new body of knowledge. Our results show that this process greatly accelerates the pace of learning transfer and retention. All our learners find this approach motivating, engaging and refreshing.

    • Inspire:
      By addressing participants’ motivation throughout the learning process and using our Socratic learning approach, we quickly build participants’ confidence in the subject matter. Coupled with practical and current training resources, participants easily acquire applicable skills. As a result of their positive experience, many are inspired to continue learning beyond the training session. We believe this significantly improves your training ROI-- having life-long learners who continue to create value way after the training event.

5 Reasons for Using Visions.One

  1. We understand businesses
    Our Master Trainer and founder, James Leong, has extensive corporate and training experience. As a chartered accountant and professional training consultant, James has worked with clients from diverse industries such as banking, distribution, service, property development, hospitality, insurance, manufacturing, telecommunications as well as educational institutions and statutory boards. This allows us to appreciate your unique operating environment and key success factors that a training programme should possess to meet your organisational requirements.

  2. We understand your needs.
    During our needs analysis process, we will determine your training objectives. While we have popular programmes that serve the needs of many clients, we also understand you may have some very specific requirements. For a better matching of needs, you can count on our extensive customisation expertise to tailor an in-house programme that’s just right for you.

  3. We understand management.
    Prior to becoming a professional training consultant, our Master Trainer and founder, James, managed the finance, administration and human resources functions in Asia Pacific for a US MNC as regional financial controller. This enables us to understand management and allows us to align participants’ motivation to management’s overall corporate objectives.

  4. We understand people and culture.
    Having worked with participants at all levels of an organisation and professionals ranging from HR managers, lawyers, engineers, sales and marketing personnel, insurance advisors and financial planners, accountants, teachers, uniformed personnel, students, civil servants and bankers, we are keenly aware of our participants’ learning needs.
    Through his training as a Life Coach with Coach University, USA, our Master Trainer and founder, James, understands what motivates people. As a result, we can establish excellent rapport with participants to deliver our programmes effectively.
    Our experience in working with international participants puts us in a unique position to understand cross-cultural communication learning needs and adapt our programmes to meet those needs.

  5. We understand Mandarin and dialects
    With China as an important base for many organisations, financial management programmes become very important for imparting corporate financial requirements to local managers. We currently offer our “Financial Skills for Non-finance Managers” programme in both English and Mandarin. You can also request for other mandarin programmes. We are also comfortable with Chinese dialects such as Hokkien and Cantonese which are helpful for building rapport and enhancing learning in certain parts of Asia.

Review of James' course: SAFRAN Management Development Programme from fintelligence on Vimeo.

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