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Success with Communication
(Code: SWC) (Customisable)

Master Trainer James Leong recommends:

After this course, you can communicate clearly, succinctly and establish rapport easily with others. You can apply the strategies for success communication to build enriching relationships, gain cooperation, pre-empt conflicts and provide leadership.

Why is this programme unique?

Our Master Trainer, James Leong, has more than 17 years of professional, management and training experience. His career spans across auditing, financial control, financial planning, sales, management, consulting, coaching, entrepreneurship, training and facilitation. In his training programmes, James Leong works with international participants, senior management, students, teachers, uniformed personnel and professionals in both private and public sectors. This extensive experience enables him to understand people and communication issues. He shares his many unique insights to create an enriching learning experience for participants.

Course outline for 2-day workshop

- Understanding the ICP Communication Model
- The communicator mindset: content and relationship dimensions
- How to use non-verbal communication strategies to build rapport
- How to develop deep listening competencies
- How to pre-empt conflicts in communication
- How to influence effectively
- How to be assertive and resolve conflicts
- How to advocate powerfully

Who must attend?

Everyone who is required to communicate effectively with all levels of an organisation as well as with internal and external customers.

What can you expect of your learning environment?

- Realistic training scenarios
- Practice and feedback
- Highly interactive and supportive team learning
- Quick and observable progress in learning
- Personalised coaching

Review of James' course: SAFRAN Management Development Programme from fintelligence on Vimeo.

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